Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Crafty Space

Can anyone see any inspiration hiding in this area anywhere????
That recliner couch looks comfy though doesn't it? Maybe a cup of tea and a crafty mag is in order?

Nothing on the desk - not a good sign!!! Off to get that cuppa!!!
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Assignment Done!

I have been a little lost today. I decided that when I had completed this assignment, I would give myself the month off to play in my craft space and my garden.
My garden is frozen - who wants to be out there!!
My inspiration for anything crafty is frozen too!!

I've been through my emails and tidied them up, check out and deleted some websites form my favourites and generally felt sorry for myself because I have the sniffles. Waaaahhhh poor me!!

Last Tuesday, Daniel and I went with some of the other Limestone Coast Homeschoolers to the Warrnambool Cheese Factory just outside Mt Gambier. Boy was that a lot of cheese!!
The boxes Daniel is peeking from behind are all full of cheese. The best part was the free samples and the extra we bought to bring home. Cheese and biscuits for snacks all week!!
This the front of what remains of the original Cheese Factory when it was owned by Kraft, many many years ago.

A beautiful old building.

Right off to see if I can find any inspiration on that crafty table!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Uni Assignment

I am not quite brave enough to post my Digital Artefact on youtube, so I thought I would share it amongst friends. Please feel free to give me some creative criticism.

I am sure I am doing something wrong. This is the lowest resolution I could make Photostory and it is taking forever to load!!?? Hope it works??

Ok, back to the assignment!!