Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Today went like this...

Wake up
Eat brekky ( check emails and blogs)
brush teeth
duck to shop for milk and bread
drink coffee
chat to Daniel about what he is up to today
drink coffee
wrap pressies for Gregory and Andrew
eat lunch while studying
make Daniel some lunch
type up directions for Andrew to go and get Gregory form Geelong
drink coffee
check out Lego creations in Daniel's room
make coffee for Andrew to take on trip to Geelong
water garden
make dinner
eat dinner
check emails, blogs and facebook - realise I haven't blogged for 3 days!!
blog 3 times
now what shall i do for the rest of the evening...... NOT STUDY......
watch some telly and ring a friend for a chat me thinks
see ya!

A quick trip

to Geelong to take Gregory down to his friend William's for a LAN Party. It turned out that there was only 3 of them there for it as 4 had cancelled in the morning. I drove 2 hours each way to drop Gregory off but others cancelled just before it was due to start! I think that is rude - don't you reckon?
At this time of the year, you know what you have planned and where you have to be surely it would be possible to let someone know you can't make it at least a couple of days before, especially if you had told them you were definitely coming. Is that just me that thinks like that??
I am a bit like that when it comes to people being late to something - if you know what time you are supposed to be there, baring flood or car mishaps surely it is possible to be there on time??
End of rant....


was a sleep in, followed by some study, then after lunch we did one of our favourite things. We went book shopping. We found the most amazing secondhand bookstore - Book Now. I thought the other one called Book Mark was good but this is better - I could nearly reach all the books!! Ha ha.
I found dozens I could have taken home but stopped at 3 - a gardening one on natives and 2 Frank McCourt ones. Andrew insisted they go under the tree so I have loads of pressies now!! I found 2 home repair and building ones so they got wrapped and put under the tree for Andrew. Christmas can't happen unless Gregory gets books and he hadn't been able to think of any he wanted but he managed to find one. Then he remembered one he had seen before so we headed to Dymocks and we found 3 more for him and one for Daniel. End result - books for all!! Happy happy.
Is that weird to be a whole family that likes to buy books?? To have forever?? I try to convince the kids we should become library book borrowers to save money but I can't get them to change their snobby ways!!


as Gregory would say.

I have completely forgotten to blog for 3 days!! Um ah, bad blogger I am. Bet you didn't even miss me though?

So I am going to do new posts for each day, tee hee....

Friday, December 18, 2009

Silly me

I hadn't old blogger that I was now in Victoria. I wondered why the post I wrote at a quarter past 12 last night still had Thursday on it, when I was joking about it. Doh!! I have now changed to Victorian time so I really can't be too late with my postings now!
Just got home from a nice picnic amongst the trees at Castlemaine - not cold - just perfect weather wise. Met some new people and reacquainted with a couple I had met before, so all good. Daniel made a new friend - yayee!
Then we tootled off to Maldon to the Cherry Farm and got 2 bags of the yummiest biggest cherries ever! Hope some last for a week until Christmas?? Umm maybe not.....
Popped in for a natter with another friend on the way home and now after all that socialising we are exhausted and very quiet!
Two of my little monsters have found their way safely to their new homes and are already loved! That makes me happy too! All in all a very good day.

I'm still awake...

so that means it is still Thursday right??
Pretty quiet day today except for a lovely chat with my friend Susy tonight. It is lovely to be able to pick up the phone and chat with someone and to feel so comfortable chatting away and before you know it 45 miutes have passed. Thanks for the chat Susy - remember to look out for a little parcel coming your way.
Righto I am off to beddie byes - going on a picnic at Castlemaine tomorrow. Gonna be a cold picnic though!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Monsters underfoot!!

Look out! Look out!! There are monsters, cosmonauts and lizards running amok here at the Marks house. Aren't they cute? This is what I have been doing instead of grocery shopping and study today! Naughty me....

Just realised...

i missed yesterday. Thought about blogging all night then forgot and turned off the computer. Just remembered to check now and doh! I had forgotten.
Yesterday was a nice quiet day - did some study and some more craft for pressies. Daniel and I had our date for the week and went to the movies. We saw 'Where The Wild Things Are'. I have to say that I didn't get it?? I love the book and have read it many many times to children all over Queensland! But the movie... I just didn't get it??
Daniel told me what it all meant to him and that helped a little but I really didn't get it!! Can you tell that it is annoying me too? I will have to go and do what the boys do when they don't understand something - google and wikipedia.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Housework Monday

Yep, Monday is housework day here. I try to get as much of it done as I can on a Monday so I don't have to think about it all week. Some weeks it works, some weeks it doesn't!
Today was quite good, most of it done except the mopping. Then I kept going on the hand made things I am making for people for Christmas. Yikes, I had better get my butt into gear if I actually want them to have it before Christmas.
Things are looking good for the house purchase, building and pest inspection tomorrow and in goes the home loan application too. Fingers crossed it will all be ok.
Night night sweet dreams.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Day Out

This afternoon, we headed out for a look around a little bit of Bendigo.
Daniel wanted to show me the Fernery area at Rosalind Park, so we went there first. It was so lovely and cool. I wandered around getting ideas for putting in an area with lots of ferns on our block. It would be lovely to walk through on a hot day. I don't think the trees on our place will be thick enough though. I have been thinking about so many things I would like to do there!!
Then we walked down along Pall Mall to the biggest second hand book store in town. I found 4 books for me to read, so they will be under the tree. The boys couldn't find anything they wanted so we went over to Collins (ABC Centre) Bookstore and Dymocks and Gregory found a book for us to put under the tree for him.
By this time, Daniel was hungry (isn't he always these days??) and Gregory was thristy so we headed to a very yummy coffee shop called Basement. It is in the basement of the Bendigo Art Gallery. We all had something scrumptious to eat and the coffee was perfect. I think we will be back there sometime soon.
We went upstairs then to the Art Gallery and saw some interesting pieces of art. The Pioneer by Frederick McCubbin was the highlight for me. You know the one of the man and woman, with a child in her arms, lighting a fire in the bush! I found out quite a bit about it while I was there. It is cool to read about something that you assumed what just a painting.
Then it was time to head home again. We all agreed that we had had a lovely afternoon together and that we should do it more often.
Night all.

Nearly made it..

home in time to post while it was still Saturday. I just watched the computer clock tick over to midnight. Ooops missed another day. Hey wait it is only 11.30 in SA and 11.00 pm in Qld so all is good!
We, Andrew and I, went out for dinner tonight with the people he works with for their Christmas Party. They seem a nice group of people - didn't get to talk to everyone though. Dinner was yummy - isn't it always when you don't have to cook!?
Sweet Dreams!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


was a very quiet day. I did about 5 hours of study and some grocery shopping. That's it!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

What a day....

Woweeeee what a day it has been.

First thing I did this morning, after breakfast, shower and check emails that is, was to ring and order the computer. It has 4GB of RAM, a 3.1Ghz processor, a GB of graphics card and a very large smooth clear flat screen monitor. It even has bright blue lights shining out of it when it is on - very pretty!! All for less than $1300. Over $200-300 cheaper than Harvey Norman or Dick Smith.

Half an hour later, Andrew rings to say that the house offer has been accepted!! Woohoo!!! And for the price we offered over 10 days ago!! Arrrggghhh the drama.... So when the vendors have found a place of their own to move to, it is all ours. Of course, we have to have a building and pest/termite inspection. Then it is ours!! A place in the country surrounded by bush but only 10 minutes to the middle of city!

Then just before lunch the computer guy rang to say that the computer was ready to be picked up. Oh my heavens.. it is all happening.

At 2 Daniel and went out for our hot date day. We bought a couple of books for Christmas with a 10% voucher at ABC shop, checked out the cutest little shop called "Bob" - full of the most gorgeous handmade goodies, wandered through Toyworld, bought Gregory 2 new computer games and then had our date at Jamacia Blue with Mars Bar Cake and hot chocolate for him and I'm not admitting to anyone what I ate!! On the way home, in the rain, we collected the new computer.

Whew! What a rollercoaster of a day!

I need a quiet day tomorrow to catch up on my Uni study.

Day 17

Not much to report today... Gregory and I went a computer huntin' this arvo. Bagged us a good 'un me thinks!
We tried Harvey Norman and Dick Smith but in the end the local guys down the road can do the same machine for cheaper. Hope they aren't trickin' me! I know where they live so I can take it back can't I???
Sweet dreams - will try for some photos of our tree tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 16 - Christmas is almost here

It is ok, Christmas can happen at our place now... we finally have the tree up and decorated. It is Gregory's job to put the tree together and then he and Daniel put on the tinsel, lights and little decorations. I can't believe how quickly and easily they did it. I can remember when it used to take hours as I had to hand out the decorations and do the lights myself. I hope they keep wanting to decorate the tree forever!
My darling little niece turned 4 today. Happy birthday Caitlin Hannah!! Daniel and I went shopping for her present and spent quite a bit of time in the pink aisle in both Target and Big W!! It was a difficult experience for both of us!! LOL! In the end we couldn't resist buying her a green sparkly Tinkerbell outfit complete with wings!! John took a photo of her and sent it to us - it was so worth it, including squishing those wings into a box to post it to Queensland.
Well tomorrow we should finally know if the house we put an offer on is accepted or not. Right at this moment, I don't mind which way it goes. So we shall see.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 15

Woohoo I am halfway through my blog marathon..... 15 days to go. Maybe it will become more of a habit now and I will blog more often after the 30 days are over?? We will see...

Today I finished the Christmas shopping. I still have to make some goodies. I am giving quite a few handmade pressies this year to those that I know will appreciate them... hopefully I will have them finished and in the mail before the big fella in red comes down the chimney!!

Today Lisa posted a really cool list of things. It is called the Cowboy's Guide to Life and I hope she doesn't mind but I have copied and pasted it here for my blog. Enjoy...

Poo.. I can't get it to copy and paste. Here is the link to Lisa's Blog .

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Day 14

I went to the movies today - by myself! If I want to see a chick flick then I have to go alone.

I saw The Time Traveller's Wife. Not riveting or terribly wonderful but still worth watching. Even if it was only to see Eric Bana naked several times!!! Cute bum!!

Still no word on the house - have found a couple of others to look at so will see what happens this week.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 13

There is a free book up for grabs over at Linda Cockburn's blog. I haven't read it but I love the way she writes on her blog. She lives in tasmania and they are building their own house, have animals and veges and all cool things relating to being self sufficient. Go have a look... Linda is an inspiration... www.lintrezza.blogspot.com

Ciao for now....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 12

I had to leave this behind today.
After 3 wonderful days at Daylesford, it was time to head home. It took less than an hour to be home, so I really should duck down there more often. I was taking macro shots of this water lily yesterday when this little critter decided to fly down for a look. How lucky for me was that?

The second photo is of Jubilee Lake from the playground. How tranquil does that look? It is unless there is a heap of teenagers canoeing in it!
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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Day 11 - Calm today

I am over the whole house thing... what will be will be...
Today I had a lovely day hanging out with beautiful homeschooled kids and their Mums. We checked out the most amazing shop with all things hand made! They have a website - www.lark.com.au Go and have a look for yourself!
Then climbed to the top of the tower for a view of Daylesford - simply stunning!!
A yummy cappacino at Sweet Decadence - don't you love the name?
Back to the camp to take heaps of photos of the big kids having a canoe around on the lake.
Now it time for dinner and lots of Mummy chat over a coffee.

It realy doesn't get much better than this....

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 10 - perhaps a change of mind

on behalf of the current owners of the house we offered on. Today the real estate lady rang Andrew back to say that the owners were rethinking our offer and would get back to us regarding our offer!
So..thank you to Jill, Susy, Sandie and Lisa would sent supportive and encouraging comments. It may have done the trick. Please keep thinking happy thoughts for us and I will let you know tomorrow what is happening.
I am a lucky girl because the boys and I have left Dad at home to fend for himself while we go on homeschool camp to this really awful place called Daylesford!! Ha ha... not... it is gorgeous here. Today was even warm enough for the boys to have a paddle in Lake Jubilee. I've had a look around some cute little shops and had some yummy coffee - this homeschooling is such hard work, but someone has to do it.. Right??
Ok folks... catch you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Day 9

but not a good enough offer apparently!! We are NOT proud house owners.

That's it.... end of today's blog!

Monday, November 30, 2009

8 - a good offer

Well after a very restless night, I woke early and decided to get up and get some things done!! I'm a little bit tired now though.

I spent the morning putting together little sets of Lego (with Gregory's help) and then splitting them into small lots so that I could make Daniel an advent calendar. There are 25 ribbon tied little boxes in a basket waiting for him to start on tomorrow. Last year I bought him an Advent Calendar from Lego and that is what it was - each day a mini figure or some parts to a bit bigger set. Last year's cost about $50, so with money beeing very tight here (house saving!!), this year only cost me about $25 and I made all the folded boxes out of scrapbook paper found lying around my unloved craft room. I can now make a folded box in under a minute!!!

Then I HAD to check in with Andrew to see what was happening on the house front - he rang and gave them a good offer - within what they were asking for, but we would like them to fence the pool for us. Just waiting to hear back from them..... frayed nerves.....

This afternoon, to avoid the crowds and the crowded shops ( I am SOOOO not a shopper!), I went online to order Christmas presents. Managed to find some Lego for Daniel and some DVDs for Gregory. Gregory and I would like a new computer so Christmas is very lean this year, so that we can afford that.

Then I went online, with my Bendigo Map beside me to find out where all the Primary schools are so I can go and meet the Principal and hand over my CV next week and hope they need lots of relief work next year. I am hoping to get 2-3 days a week most weeks.

Speaking of saving money and making really cool Christmas goodies, check out www.kimarcher.com.au for her gorgeous Christmas craft online course called Jingle Bells. Too cool!!

Now I really must go and get some dinner sizzling away - Butter Chicken, Rice and Naan Bread... yum yum yummy!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Oh...... My....... Goodness.....

Andrew is putting a price to the real estate agent tomorrow!! Now after all the talking and discussing, I am scared that it is not the right decision!!! What am I to do???
Short blog tonight - gotta go toss and turn all night now!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

House hunting - bah humbug!!

I am soooo over looking at houses!! I have lost track of the number we have been to see. Every one of them has had something missing or we didn't like. I am beginning to think we are being too fussy!!
Looked at 5 today.
1. on 3 acres, 4 bedrooms, above ground pool -BUT Andrew is worried it is too far out in the bush - 10 minutes from his work in the city!!
2. on 1.6 acres, 4 bedrooms - NO Shed!
3. Older house close to town, self contained studio at the back - needs painting, small shed and yard is a mess!
4. beautiful old house, very nicely done up, shed - TOO much money wanted for it!!
5. right price, lovely garden, big shed -house too small!!


Going to look at another tomorrow after lunch and then back for a second look at No 1 from today.

I NEED to find one soon or else you can just ship me off to the funny farm in my pyjamas!!!


nearly forgot to blog. Technically it is Saturday but I am just heading off to bed. So it still counts for Friday right?
A good clean joke for you.

Two fish swim into a concrete wall. One turns to the other and says, "Dam!"

Night night... sweet dreams...

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday... Day 4

A nice quiet day here today. We have had the beautiful Dora and her daughter Rosie and Hamish from down the road come for a visit. We ate lunch together and then chatted about homeschooling, Uni study, shopping and gardening. Now, of course, I feel very lazy and don't want to do any of my study or cook dinner, or anything else for that matter!! Wonder where those kitchen fairies are?
We had some wonderful much needed rain today. The rumble of thunder very early this morning was magnificent. Then the couple of heavy showers were amazing too. The garden sure looks happy - brown with a tinge of green happy!!
Oh look I found the kitchen fairy - she is sitting on the chair at the computer - be gone you lazy wretch!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 3 of 30

Does that mean I am a tenth of the way through my "blog for 30 days" feat? Yep it does - yayee me!!
Today was finish tidying the house - why I don't know... the house inspection took all of ten minutes and all was fine! Why do I worry about these things??

Spent the rest of the day doing study. Fun fun fun!! After dinner I would like to do some more as we have friends calling in for a natter tomorrow as well as the plumber coming to fix large leak in bathroom, then on Friday we are off to someone else's place for afternoon tea. Slowly starting to get a social life here in Bendigo.... I always say it takes about 6 months to feel comfortable in a new house or town. We have been here for 2.5 months so things are on track.

I do have to say that Bendigo, considering it is a city, is one of the friendliest places I have moved to. Everyone I have met so far, including shop assistants and tradesmen have been so easy going and chatty. Bonus!

Ok, off to do the dinner thing - Italian again. Should have married an Italian instead of an Englishman - we all love Pizza, Pasta, Lasagne, Gnocchi, Mozzarella, Gelato, etc etc..... I think they are all Italian food.
See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


When I look at my blog visitors counter on the small computer, it shows up as 1213 but when I maximise it, it tells me I have had 12113 visitors?? What the???
Can someone tell me what it says at their end?

Hey to Jill and Lisa, who have both agreed to try and blog every day for 30 days. Woohoo, glad you are joining me. Lisa is the lovely lady who did this a couple of months ago - now she is up for it again. Yayee Lisa!!

OK, Susy and Sandie where are you hiding?? Haven't heard from you two for a while now??

Today was housework time here in a big way!! I am having my first ever house inspection tomorrow. Because we have not rented privately for soooo long - I think the last time I had private rental was in 1984 in Yeppoon Queensland where I had my first teaching position and I don't remember having house inspections. I must say though after looking through a couple of houses to buy that were rented out, this house even on a dirty untidy day looks like an ad for Home Beautiful compared to them. Seriously, the house we looked at on Sunday was disgusting!! The same company that handles the rental is trying to sell it - how they can do that is beyond me!!
Righto that would be Day Two done and dusted... see you all tomorrow.

Monday, November 23, 2009

over 12 000!!!

People have been to read my blog?? The last time I looked it was only about 1000. I think my counter must be broken.... otherwise there are a lot of disappointed people out there who keep checking back in and I haven't said a darn thing.
Well it is a good thing I looked at it- because now I feel the urge to be more productive and blog more often!! Maybe I will try for Lisa's challenge to blog for 30 days!! Anyone want to join me and see if we can do it? Shouldn't be too hard at this time of the year - even if we just blog about the presents we've found for people ( without telling what it is in case the person finds out what they are getting), the cards we've received or the decorations we've put up.
OK, who's in??

Remember Me??

Yep I'm still here. I have a momentous start to the week.
Firstly I made a very hard decision to leave the Inspiration Team for The Scrap Heap. I have loved every minute of my 12 months on the team, but lately I have felt no inclination to scrap at all. Bet that silly mojo returns now!! The part I will miss the most is the comraderie of the other ladies and how caring they are of the other members of the team. Thanks so much to Christine and Beryl for choosing to have me on the team.
I have also made the decision to stop stressing about a house to buy. We need to save some pennies so it will not be such a big drain when we do get a home loan. So hopefully we can just continue to rent this house until something comes up and in the meantime I can pull in the purse strings as well as find a job. This house is smaller than we need but it is amazing how you don't use the furniture you have stacked up in the garage anyway!! There is nothing we have missed or needed to use except the spare mattress when someone came to stay. So there you go - maybe I should just sell it all off?
Today we also decided to pare down the ridiculous amount of money we spend on Christmas. Daniel still wants Lego, so that is fine. Andrew is off to Fleetwood Mac next week so said that would do him for his present, as well as his carton of mixed international beers. Gregory and I would like a new computer so it looks like that may be on the cards now as we don't want anything else. We will spend a little on our Christmas food but as it is only us 4 for Christmas, that is always quite cheap compared to other peoples.
I have rearranged the office space so the computers are together and we can share the laser printer as when Andrew was printing from the big computer, he was using lots of $$$ of inkjet printer ink just for black copies - and that soon adds up to lots!! The little laser printer hopefully will work out cheaper to run as it doesn't need toner for over 1500 pages.
So... lots of decisions and things accomplished in the last 2 days!!
What else is happening in my life?? Well I have jumped in the deep end when it comes to my study - I am going for 2 units over the summer. One on the new literacies associated with all the new technology being used in schools and the other one is very scary - Intro to Web Publishing!! A very steep learning curve there me thinks!! Will make the old brain cells spark!!
I can't think of anything else at the moment. I don't think I have even taken a photo for the last month!!
See you later - hopefully it won't be another month before I blog again!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Last of the snow

Gregory sitting on his snowball - frozen from his thighs down!! It was a change of clothes before we headed home.

The snow melting makes for lots of water flowing down the mountains - making beautiful crystal clear water rushing along!!

We nearly missed this! Someone has gone to the trouble of turning this tree on the side of the road into a fairy house!

Today we went to the Bendigo Woollen Mill and bought some lucious wool to turn into scraves and shawls for next winter.
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More Snow

Granny keeping her drink of water cold!!

Rolling Snowballs down the hill - Avalanche!!!!
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A snow tower and its falling down.....

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Snow and snowball fights

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More touristy stuff

On Friday, Granny, Daniel and I went to the Bendigo Pottery. I found some gorgeous pottery I would like. I fell in love with the big mixing bowls - would be perfect for breakmaking.

On Saturday, we decided to take the Talking Tram around Bendigo. It is a great tourist idea. You sit on the tram and listen to a guy tell you all about Bendigo and its history.

The boys look like they got a bit close to the front of the tram!

The front entrance to the first Myer store in Australia.

Then we tootled off to the Chinese Museum. This is the longest Chinese Dragon in the world - over 100 metres long! It goes right around the museum more than once. It is the second one from the left. The others are smaller ones also used in the annual Easter Parade.

Then we walked over a beautiful marble bridge to the Chinese temple and gardens. So peaceful and tranquil.
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Thursday, October 15, 2009

And some more....

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Straight from the camera

The Sacred Heart Cathedral in the centre of the city of Bendigo. Spectacular on the outside and inside! As we walked in the magnificent wooden front doors the enormous pipe organ started playing and continued to play as we walked around the inside. Awesome place even for the non-religious.

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Friday, October 2, 2009

I've scrapped!

This first layout I'm sharing is my first attempt at journalling over the entire page except where the photos are. I was going well until I couldn't fit the word Naracoorte in down on the bottom!! Doh!!

The second one is of the boys playing on a log while we were out looking for water at Bool Lagoon. We lived at Naracoorte for 4 and a half years and there was no water in the main part of it the whole time. It is a world famous wetlands but I fear it will never be one again. I wonder where all the migratory birds who used to travel there are going now?

The third one is of my crafty friends, Sandie and Susy and I when we had our very own stall at the markets at the Naracoorte Art Gallery. We had a lovely display of goodies but not enough customers! We all agreed that even though we didn't make a lot of money we had a fun time just hanging out with each other.
Miss those girls so much!!
OK now I'm off to check out some other blogs and see what's happening on facebook.
Cheers for now.....
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Moving House/Town/State

Well I have survived the move... just!! The only side effect of the move is that due to the stress all my hair is falling out!! I am contemplating going in for a short haircut to try and help it out a bit.
Besides that the move went well - very well in fact. This would have to be the best move with regards to the damage done to things. Hardly anything bumped or dinged. I can highly recommend Llew and Stawell Removals!!
I managed to have the whole house unpacked in a week!! I had to, as my sister decided to fly down from Queensland and visit us for 4 days.
Lizzie and I had a great 4 days. I can't believe it only takes an hour and a half to drive to Melbourne Airport from here. I collected her on the Wednesday afternoon. Thursday we spent the day nattering and having a wander around the shops and the main part of the city of Bendigo.
Friday, Andrew took the day off as an unpacking day and we called it Lizzie's Day. We took her for a picnic at Hanging Rock and we couldn't lose anyone!! Then over to Woodend where her and Andrew found a mini brewery in an old pub and so they did a taste test of 8 different beers. The boys and I had lemonades and chips! Then it was home for a takeaway dinner of Noodles!
On the Saturday, Lizzie and I made our way down to Blackwood to the garden of St Erth where the Diggers Company had an Open Day. We got all sorts of good ideas for our gardens. The highlight of the day was a Masterclass in Permaculture and Luncheon with David Holmgren. He is the guru of Permaculture in Australia. Very entertaining and informative. We took a leisurely drive home via Daylesford ( had to take Lizzie to the Chocolate Shop!! where we had coffee/iced chocolate and cake!) then onto Castlemaine and home. On the Sunday, Lizzie and I had a look around the Bendigo Showgrounds Markets and before we knew it, it was time to take her back to the Airport. What a whirlwind visit but so much fun!!
The next day, I jumped in the car and tootled back over to Naracoorte to finish cleaning the house and hand over the keys. I was a sad little girl as I will miss that gorgeous big house and my huge vege patch! Not to mention I stayed with Sandie and got to have lots of nattering time with her and Susy, as well as being in town on the right night to catch up with Jane and the Art Gallery Craft Group. Tuesday I headed home again after handing the keys over to the guys at the bank. Andrew's replacement will have started by now!
Since then I have managed to get some scrapbooking done, had some homeschoolers for a visit and sorted out my vege garden here. The vege/fruit garden here is all in pots as we will hopefully be buying our own house at the end of the year.
I will blog again after dinner and show you the layouts I have done that I can share. Some of them are for the Newsletter for The Scrap Heap, so I can't share until it comes out.
Righto off to feed the hungry hordes.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Who is Lisa,

someone asked in the comment section? Lisa is a lady I met at the last Scrapbooking Retreat I went to in Queensland. She has a great blog about her life, her travels and her hobbies. She decided to blog every day for 30 days and is going great guns. If you would like to check out her blog, you can find it at A Life of Unlimited Possibilites

Cheers K

Bool Lagoon still...

After checking out Hacks Lagoon, we drove around to the island walk and found a bit more water. There was no where enough birds around but I liked the boardwalks to take photos of. All around us were showers - Daniel counted over 10 separate ones as we drove back to town. Very tricky to take photos of rain falling.

I've heard that Mullinger Swam has some water in it too so will try to get out there one day while the packers are in the house and there is not much to do for us.

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Bool Lagoon

Someone had suggested that we had received enough rain in recent weeks for there to be water in Bool Lagoon. I decided this afternoon that this would be our last chance to go and have a look. When we first drove in, we were very disappointed as there was no water visible in Bool Lagoon, but we drove further into the Park and went to Hacks Lagoon. There was some water there with quite a few black swans and other assorted birds, mainly ducks. Of course, these guys were a long way off so luckily I had taken my zoom lens and could just get a glimpse of these guys in the viewfinder.
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