Sunday, June 22, 2008

Nice Quiet Sunday then ....

I had a lovely quiet Sunday morning. I woke up late and had a leisurely breakfast. A friend rang to say did I want to meet her and kids for a play date at the park - yep sure did! We quickly ate some lunch and headed off to the Park for the afternoon. We had a yummy coffee and the kids played happily for over 2 hours.

We got home just after 4 and I decided to check my email. There was a message from Facebook to say someone wanted to be my friend - wasn't sure I knew the name, but fate stepped in next minute there was a message from this friend which made it abundantly clear who she was. It was my best friend from Year 12 at boarding school! Hi Lisa!! We had stayed friends while at Uni, both training to be teachers but lost track of each other after that! So 25 year later, we chatted for ages like it had been only last week we had last talked. It was so amazing! I am still stunned by it all - the marvel of the internet!!

I dashed off to cook dinner for the boys and just as we sat down to eat, there was a phone call which Andrew answered. I thought his voice sounded a bit strange from the other room. Well, stunned twice in the space of 2 hours - a mutual friend had rung to tell us that the mother of one the boys that Daniel goes to Cub Scouts with, had died over the weekend. Very suddenly! Apparently a stroke. We sat in silence eating our dinner!! She was younger than me!! I still can't believe it! Her children are only 12 and 10.

These two things have made me even more determined to get healthy for my family's sake! No more junk food, lots of exercise and I will hug my boys even tighter!!! I also am very determined to contact old friends for the school reunion later in the year. Life is definitely too short to put off what you really want to do!!

"The past is history, the future is a mystery and this moment is a gift. That is why this moment is called the “present."Anon
Please enjoy all your gifts and presents, everyone!!
Ciao for now

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Here I am...

As usual, it has been a while since I blogged. Just plodding away doing my thing - homeschooling, housework, scouting etc.

Last weekend, Daniel and I went on the annual District Cub Scout Camp. We were lucky as it was held close to home at the World Heritage Naraoorte Caves. We both enjoyed ourselves. One of us was up very late the first night but then was so tired the second night that 10 hours sleep was had!! It wasn't me! Although I didn't have much sleep either, between the snoring from the other leaders I shared a room with and the chatting from the children in the next room!! I probably snore too - do ya think there comes a time when you just can't share a room with anyone!! I am afraid I like my room to myself and I like it dark and quiet. Might have to take a tent next time and put it way down the flat!!

While waiting for the Cub Scouts to reappear from the bottom of a cave, I took these photos of some of the native trees. I loved the gum flower - all on it's own - there was no others on the whole tree.

I think the second one is a Correa? Almost looks like a fuschia flower.

After a big weekend at Cub Camp, I came down with a very nasty tummy bug or maybe food poisoning. I spent Monday and Tuesday being very quiet and still, except for the mad dashes to the toilet! The rest of the week was fairly slow too and even now I am still off my food. This is probably not altogether a bad thing - a bit of weight loss happening! A silver lining in this cloud of ickiness!!

Today, I have done a couple of pages of scrapbooking - very simple ones. They are for my class at the local scrapbooking shop, that is on Wednesday this week. I am now off to do some more - am very into the simple look at the moment. Of course, I scraplift most of my pages, so am into Cathy Zeilske, Ali Edwards and Donna Downey. These ladies sure now how to make a simple but stupendous page!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday!!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ohh those eyelashes....

Isn't she just the most gorgeous thing?

We managed to get to the feeding time for the Giraffes. I couldn't believe how many carrots this giraffe ate??? It would have been at least 20 large carrots sliced in half or quarters. Everybody was amazed how she just kept on taking them from all the outstretched hands.

Daniel was first fella in our family to feed her.

Then Gregory.

Check out that tongue - they can be up to 46 centimetres long!!!

Then Andrew had his turn.

Still doesn't beat Dubbo - Western Plains Zoo, but we all enjoyed ourselves immensely!
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Skins, hooves and bones

Daniel using an Elk horn to pretend to be a Unicorn.

Gregory took a photo of the Axis Deer head skeleton - he thought it was really cool!

My favourite was the zebra skin with the hooves still attached.
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We went to the zoo, zoo, zoo!!!

Zebras, White Rhinos, Spotted Hyena and Lion - we went to Old Tailem Town on Saturday, then to Monarto Zoo on Sunday. The zoo was great - although I have yet to go to a zoo that matches Dubbo!! We enjoyed looking at all the animals. More pics to come....
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Who remembers these??

Little bottles of milk given to you at morning tea time. Often they were warm by then - I lived in Qld!!!

Wooden desks attached to the floor, room for two little people to sit at them, flip top lids - had to get your stuff out at the same time as the kid next to you!! Also had to watch out for fingers getting caught if the kid next to you didn't like you!!

Teacher's neat writing of the alphabet along the top of the blackboard!

Ahh those wonderful old days!! I couldn't believe that I went to school long enough ago to qualify for my school days to be on show at Old Tailem Town. I also found a butcher's shop with the lino on the bench and the big green cash register exactly the same as the butcher's in little old Inglewood, Queensland where I grew up! Very freaky feeling!! Nah not the being old bit - the remembering the colour of the lino and the cash register from 35+ years ago!! What a weird piece of memory to have??
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