Tuesday, February 26, 2008

At the Pub!

The German Arms Hotel to be exact! Being such great Fawlty Towers fans we spent the day saying, "Don't mention the war!" in our best british John Cleese voice! Would love to be able to go to places like this more often!
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Cold Day at the Beach...

So jump in the car and go to Hahndorf for the day and eat and look at the shops. Not a bad way to spend the day!

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Bendy bridge??

Every time I see this bridge I am so amazed by the big bend in it! You would think that it wouldn't support the weight of an ant!! I suppose they had to make it groovy to prove a point! This bridge had so much controversy attached to it - the Hindmarsh Bridge over to Hindmarsh Island from Goolwa.
My feeble attempts at shooting in macro!
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The Back Seat

When Mum comes to visit, I get relegated to the back seat with boys and the dog - can be cosy! As well as people and dog, there has to be room for at least one piece of lego, books to read and drawing paper and equipment. yep - very cosy!!
The first photo is the only proof I have that I even went on holidays at all. I am NEVER in the photos! I must try to take more of me, so that the kids can show their kids and grandkids what I looked like!! Although my kids have such a great life with me that they both say they are not leaving home and on the not so good days I say that when they move out, I am too!!!
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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dog loves the beach too

My baby girl, Pixie, loves the beach the most of all of us, I think. It didn't matter if it was hot, cold, sunny, windy, if anyone grabbed the lead off the door handle she was ready to go! She runs away from the waves but loves to sniff all the delicious beach smells up and down the beach!
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I love the way Daniel always sits on his feet. I have lots of photos of little toes peeping out like this.- too cute! Isn't my eldest young man a cutie?? He is growing his hair long enough to tie back but at the moment it is just long and everywhere whne it is windy. I am often amazed when I look at hime and see the jawline and throat of a man! Where is my sweet intense little boy???

Everyone sand castle building. There was a table soccer game thingy at the house so that entertained everyone for the first week until we were all over it!
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More Beach Shots!

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Boys at the beach

Daniel loves to go surfing. Gregory feels the cold a bit more so he is still often content to spend time on the sand digging huge holes! Note the size of the "beach shovel"! I get to walk and take photos.
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This is where I was for the first 2 weeks I have been AWOL! This is my three
boys heading off for a surf on the first day of the holiday! We had a very
relaxing time at Middleton. No work for Andrew means he gets to spend a
lot more time with the boys and I get time to myself! Will add some more
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