Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Proud Mum

Just as I have one boy heading off to Uni, the other one is just a teenager, albiet five foot eleven!. He is so easy going and relaxed about life. This is him, looking happy like he usually does, at his computer chatting to friends from all over Australia and the world. Happy breezy boy!

Exciting Times

This amazing young guy has been accepted into the Bachelor course he wanted at the local campus of La Trobe University. He has not attended school since Year 4 in 2003. For the last 2 years he has cruised through 3 Open University courses and this is what the Uni looked at when considering his application. Homeschooling works!!
He is so excited to be going. He has his next 2 weeks planned out and in his diary.
The most amazing thing is that he will turn 17 on the first day of Orientation Week. This is at least 1 year ahead of where he would be if he had stayed at school. We have missed all the dramas and hard work of completing a Year11/12 course at school. I cannot imagine how he (or us) would have coped with that!!
To say that I am a proud Mum is so much of an understatement.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Did I really go to Queensland?

Boy was that a whirlwind trip or what?
A lovely but very short visit with my sister and her boys in Brisbane. We went over to the Spinal Unit to visit Joel. I was expecting something but I wasn't sure what it was - certainly not the same kid I saw a bit over a month ago except for the fact that he is unable to walk. For an eighteen year old with his whole life in front of him, he is amazingly relaxed and comfortable with himself and his situation. The same outlook on life, the same lame jokes, the same kid. Amazing!
I then drove myself through Brisbane to stay with Vicki and her family. They are the same too. Boy I miss seeing them more often. I feel so much at home there. Zanthe did indeed cook me a yummy home made pasta dinner, which we surrounded with lots of talking, lots of talking.
The next morning it was off up the range to Toowoomba. I was glad, in a way, that the road through Grantham was closed. Not sure I could have managed to drive through there. It was raining so I didn't get a chance to see how my sister's place fared in the flood. I met up with my brother and we went to my Grandmother's funeral. It was a short service followed by lunch at the Funeral place. I really enjoyed catching up with all the cousins and their children. John, my brother, and I commented afterwards about how easy it was to talk with them even though we hadn't seen them for quite awhile. No-one was really sad as we all knew my grandmother had had a lovely long life and a few people mentioned how she would be able to boss her husband and son (my father) around again now.
I then got to do the Auntie thing with the little neice and nephew. Who knew listening to young children do their homework reading could be so much fun! In the morning, I got to do the school run, grab a coffee with another friend and then it was back on the road to the airport and home by 11 pm that night! Whew!
I am going to do another post about the exciting event that happened the day after, as it deserves a post of its own!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

In Brisbane

Xanthe cooked me a delicious dinner - fresh homemade pasta - Yummo!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

February - not boring either!

Well the last post I thought would be enough for the year in the way of big events and disasters.
NOW.. we have had Yasi! Everyone I know up in North Queensland seems to be ok. I haven't heard from a couple but I guess they have no power, so can't contact me.
The 1st of February saw the passing away of my paternal grandmother. She had lived a wonderful full life and was still a fiesty old girl until the week before. She was over 95 years old and had only moved out of her own home under 2 years ago. I am off to Queensland tomorrow to farewell her.
While I am in Queensland, I will get to hug my sister and her family. Joel is still in the Spinal Unit of the PA Hospital but seems to be recovering well. Final prognosis is still unsure, but with modern medicine we are hoping for the best. He celebrated his 18th birthday yesterday and is having a pizza party in the hospital today.
Then I am heading over to Vicki's for a well deserved natter on all things crafty. Zanthe will hopefully cook me up a delicious dinner! Hint hint.
I plan to drive up to Toowoomba from Brisbane on Monday morning so that will be a shock I think, to drive through Gatton, Grantham, then to Liz's place to see how things have changed there from the big flood. Up the hill to the funeral and then over to see Mum before heading back to John's for the night. Then back to Brisbane and fly home on Tuesday. Whirlwind trip!!
Meanwhile back at the ranch! That is here. We have had 120mm of rain in the last 27 hours! I have put quite a few pictures on facebook, so I will add some here that are more of around the house.
This is the left hand side of the driveway washing off down to the road. This is not the heavy rain either!

Lovely full dam. Now if it has stopped leaking then this will see us through for quite some time I hope. Don't really need any more rain thanks. Just a light sprinkle once a week would be fine - ha!! It is either blisteringly hot and dry or pouring down!

Righto off to see if there is enough food for the 3 fellas for 3 days while I am away.