Friday, May 30, 2008

Now where was I?

oh yeah that's right busy doing I don't know what?? Where has the last 2 weeks gone - certainly not on housework!! My house is desperate for a clean, maybe later today. Have I been in my vege patch --nope!! Hope to dig some dirt tomorrow! Have I been immersed in my scrapbooking? Again nope! And my poor mother is still waiting for her birthday present!

Well......... last week I spent in the kitchen. Every year, I get involved with The Biggest Morning Tea for the Cancer Council. I am the secretary for the local branch as well. I do it for my Dad, who died from Cancer nearly 5 years ago - and damn it I still miss him. I hope the little bit of money I raise will help someone else not lose their father, mother, husband, wife, child etc at a younger age than anyone has a right to die!

Anyway I made morning tea for 12 bank johnnies at $5 each and then for the local scrapboking shop. I raised over $100 for the day then fronted up the next day to help run the branch do at the local bowls club where we took $500 on the door, $750 for the raffle and $650 on the trading table. So even though I didn't feel like baking again for a while- it was worth it.

It must have been a drain on my emotions, thinking about Dad all week as this week I have been BLAH!! Not sick but not feeling my usual chirpy self. I felt a little let down by a couple of people so that didn't help! So I stayed home for the 3 nights in a row that I should have been out and today I am feeling a bit better!

Nice quiet weekend coming up! Andrew and I and a couple of friends are off out to dinner at a very posh restaurant on Saturday night. We treat ourselves once a year to blow the budget and spend way too much on way too little food!! Woohoo!!

Righto better get my self into gear - off to Homeschool group today. We are meeting in Penola today - love that little town! Great park for the kids, great coffee for the Mums and great lolly shop for treats to eat on the way home!!

It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt. Mark Twain

Ciao for now.

Friday, May 16, 2008

No Photos

How the heck am I supposed to improve on photography skills when I don't take any photos, not one, nada, none for over 3 weeks!! Gees Louise! That is soooo long!!

Well I did take a couple a few weeks ago - here they are!

Sad I know... photos of a box and its contents. The box was from Donna Downey and it did contain her newest books, signed by her no less!! Highlight of my week - Susy and I went a little silly when we opened the box - our boys thought we had gone slightly mad. Well madder than usual!

We held the books to our heart and said things like - Donna touched this book!!

Told you it was sad!! Susy understands don't you Susy??

The second photo is of some Kim Archer flowers I made for Tanya for her birthday! Aren't they the cutest things? Tan loved them so much she has them sitting on the main desk at the shop - I love it when I give a homemade gift and it is so appreciated.

I am hoping to make some more for family and friends but time is a bit tight at the moment - hoping to find some spare on the weekend!

Well folks, I will leave you with a quote:

The best way to prepare for any moment in the future is to be fully conscious in the present.
- Deepak Chopra

And with that it is time to feed the family some healthy warming lunch on this cold rainy day in beautiful South East, South Australia.

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