Wednesday, July 18, 2007

What an awesome week!

Last week was a simple awesome week! Thanks Dora and Sharee and kids!!! On Monday morning the boys and I took off for Melbourne. A little bit nervous about driving into the close to city suburbs to find the house we were staying in. But found it ok and we were all so excited to see each other. There was 3 Mums and 9 kids all in the house!! The teenagers had their own living area downstairs, so they loved that, while the other kids got the upstairs area.

On Tuesday, we hopped on a train and headed to the City! Gregory went off with a group of about 15 teenagers. They went to Parliament, the University, played Lazer Tag and jumped on and off trams all over the city. Gregory's quote, "That was awesome, Mum, when are we doing it again!' Looks like trips to Melbourne will happen more often!
Daniel and I went with several other Mums and younger children for a yummy hot chocolate/coffee as it was freezing! The we went to see the Pixar Animation Exhibit in Federation Square. It was great.. we vowed to get out or pastels etc when we got home. Very inspiring!

On Wednesday, we headed into the city again to go to the Museum. There was an extra exhibit of The Great Wall of China with extra activities for the kids. Brilliant! Afterwards we trooped off to Southbank for coffee ( for the Mums) and boost juices and hot chocolates for the kids. Home again on the train. Sat up way too late chatting and playing games!

Thursday was farewell to our friends and on the road home. We had to go to Highpoint Shopping Centre so that Gregory could look at the book shops and Daniel wanted to go to Build-A-Bear for his birthday. Daniel is now the proud adoptive parent of Dennis the Koala, complete with his board shorts, backpack and pyjamas for bedtime. He was named after the train station we used while in Melbourne! Gregory found two more books to add to his library and off we headed for home. On the way we stopped off at Kryal Castle and discovered we have to go back there to see all the Medieval re-enactments they have! Also popped into the Devil's Kitchen which is like a huge hole in the ground surrounded by square blocks of rocks! Bit hard to explain!

Friday was a quiet day for the boys but I spent the day selling raffle tickets for a fundraiser I'm involved in, raising funds to help a friend's nephew travel to USA for an intensive week long therapy session for his autism. Did a bit of housework.

Saturday after lunch we jumped in the car to go to Adelaide. Went for a walk to Glenelg and took the tram into the city to find some dinner - yummy Italian!

Sunday - buffet breakfast at the motel - yum! Then off to the Farmer's Markets again yum! Drove out to the Port Adelaide markets - not enough time there will have to go again. Andrew dropped boys and I off at Cirque Du Soleil. If you haven't been to this ... it is so worth it!! The performance was simply amazing. They way some of the trapeze artists fling themselves around in the air!!! Then it was home again!

Monday, Tuesday, Today - back to reality!! Housework, housework, housework!! And to top it all off I have the weirdest thing happening with my ears! I can only half hear things, they feel a little blocked up and there is this faint humming sound??? Of course, here you cannot get into the doctor of your choice for up to 3 months - could be dead by then!! Have an appointment with some doctor I haven't seen before for late tomorrow!

Will try to upload some photos later.


Anonymous said...

some great photos - oh i have seen the cirque du soleil - it was awesome!!!!

grayje said...

Looks like you had fun in Melbourne and Adelaide. Sounds like a bit too much eating - watch the figure!

Hugs to Gregory and Daniel and rest of the tribe and critters. Parcel coming in mail soon.

Love from Granny @ the Grays.