Sunday, February 24, 2008

I love the way Daniel always sits on his feet. I have lots of photos of little toes peeping out like this.- too cute! Isn't my eldest young man a cutie?? He is growing his hair long enough to tie back but at the moment it is just long and everywhere whne it is windy. I am often amazed when I look at hime and see the jawline and throat of a man! Where is my sweet intense little boy???

Everyone sand castle building. There was a table soccer game thingy at the house so that entertained everyone for the first week until we were all over it!
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David and Stephanie Mitchell said...

I know what you mean by your feeling of wonder at seeing you eldest grow into a young man. I see my eldest out of the corner of my eye sometimes and think he is my husband!! With his broad shoulders and lanky legs.

My Luke is growing his hair just like Gregory. This is agreat photo of Gregory - Those curls are fantastic.