Saturday, May 16, 2009

Penola Part 2

After a quick Bakery lunch, we went for a drive out to some of the wineries to check out the photographic competition, another photographic display and a sculpture exhibition. They were brilliant, especially the sculpture as we were allowed to touch it.
We headed back into town for a treat at the best coffee shop in Penola - Di Vine. Then it was off to do the Kite Making Workshop.

I have photos of the kite in progress but alas there are other children in the background, so I won't post them. Here is Daniel trying to get his kite up in the air. It was a bit gusty and the kites kept dropping out of the sky!!

The kids all decided to run with their kites - I was stunned that there were no major pile ups or knotting up of strings!! It was an amazing sight seeing about 40 kids all running around the oval with the kites they had coloured and made themselves!!

This is a friend of ours, Maya's kite - I loved the colours she used!

Of course there was a trip to see Sue (she owns the Lolly Shop!! ) and we headed for home. We plan on going back again tomorrow for the Farmers' Market, a yummy lunch out with friends and probably another trip into say hi to Sue!!
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Sandie said...

Well you guys... it sounds like you had a wonderful day!!! I love the kites especially!!
Have fun again tomorrow!!