Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bool Lagoon still...

After checking out Hacks Lagoon, we drove around to the island walk and found a bit more water. There was no where enough birds around but I liked the boardwalks to take photos of. All around us were showers - Daniel counted over 10 separate ones as we drove back to town. Very tricky to take photos of rain falling.

I've heard that Mullinger Swam has some water in it too so will try to get out there one day while the packers are in the house and there is not much to do for us.

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susy said...

The photo turned out gorgeous, love the one of the walkway, lovely light. Let me know if you want some company on Wednesday at mulingers, may just be a day off for the fitz's ;-) shhh. thanks for a great night tonight and tell Dan thank you for teaching us how to play sleeping Queens, I can see it is going to become a new family fave. It's not fair, we all don't want you to go :-( but I'm going to be happy 'cause it makes it easier:-)
Night, night