Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh my goodness - Code Red

With the new fire danger ratings after last years devastating bushfires here in Victoria, we are on Code Red tomorrow. Code Red is the worst it can get - catastrophic. If you look on the CFA website, it means that if there is a bushfire nearby we are to leave home as soon as possible. I can tell you I will be checking the CFA website often tomorrow. Andrew has been told by his boss that he is not to travel anywhere. He was meant to be going down to Melbourne for a meeting, so that is off now.
I am trying not to be alarmed by it all, but I think I will still have to think more about what I will do and take if I have to leave.


Sandie said...

Dearest K,
thinking of you. What terrible, terrible conditions!! Please be prepared and stay safe. Sending you love & my thoughts that all will stay ok.
Cheers xxx

susy said...

Ditto Sandie. So where are you meant to go if there is a fire?

Joyce said...

Glad nothing bad happened! Was a scorcher of a few days though wasnt it!