Friday, October 12, 2007

I'm still here....

I am still here but have not been in the mood for blogging. What sort of mood is that I wonder???

Anyway what has been happening??

I managed to survive the first homeschool camp I have organised. I thought it went well with some people asking if it will happen again next year. I held it out at the amazing Naracoorte Caves. Check them out at The families all got to go on the tours of the different caves. The rest of the time we spent sitting and chatting about our homeschooling journey and many many other things. Having these camps is the best way to get in touch with other homeschoolers, especially when we live in a town with no other homeschoolers.

Last week, I drove to Geelong to take Gregory to his first ever LAN Party. He had the best time and got to meet two more kids that think like him. The gist of the party is that they all take their computers and link them via a netwroking computer and then they can play games against each other. The best part for an onlooker is the talking that you hear from the kids while they play. What fun! They play in teams as well as one player against the rest. They kept a score of their games but it was really no big deal as to who scored what!!

Daniel took me out for dinner and a movie - McDonalds and Rataouille. I can throughly recommend this movie. I really enjoyed it except for the loudmouth sitting behind me!!! You know the sort who tell you their opinion on everything that is happening on the screen but are also constantly telling their children to be quiet and not talk during the movie!!!
The next morning we checked out the walking track along the beach. There are the most amazing bollards painted to look like people from the history of Geelong. Let me see if blogger will let me put up a photo.

Hurrah it worked.. This is Daniel checking out some lifesavers. They were so great - each one had a different face. We found another set of lifesavers that looked like they had been out on the town the night before and gotten in a punch up - they had all sorts of black eyes and bruises! Down at the bottom of every set of bollards ( they are usually the thing that ships tie up to at the wharf) was a rabbit of some size and colour. I asked someone why there were rabbits and was told that it is because one of the orginal founding people of Geelong was the first person to bring rabbits to Australia!!

On Saturday, my friend Suzy and I decided to try our luck at a painting class held here in town. Well...... 2 out of 3 ain't bad as they say..... I am poor, I am struggling, but an artist I am NOT!!! I was a little disappointed, as it was supposed to be a beginners' class! Well I am a complete beginner! We looked at some cool paintings done by other people then basically told to choose a style and try to do it on the bowl, bottle and pear sitting on some boxes!................... well................ it was not a pretty sight I can tell you. Suffice to say that this will be my one and only painting class - but I have done it! No I will not be sharing my attempts!!

On the note of painting I have had fun doing some more Donna Downey type things though. They are way cool!!! Freestyle paint how ever I want to put it on! Now that is my kind of painting! Check her out at

What else have I done this week - tidied all my photos and put them in chronologial order and then boxed them, so I can find what I want when I want it!! Then I attacked the 18 inch pile of layouts I had sitting on the shelf. They are now ready to put into albums. But I would kind of like to sort them as I go chronologically too, so if I find a photo and haven't a clue whether I have scrapped it or not then I can look in the album and voila! I seem to spend more time sorting and arranging than actually scrapping!!

This week I received in the mail 2 RAKs ( thanks Colleen and Deb H) and the most amazing layout done for me by a lovely lady called Colleen from Qld! RAKs are Random Acts of Kindness! You choose who and when to send them to someone so it is a lovely surprise. I think maybe I should start doing this for family and friends too not just for my scrapping friends on Country Papercraft. The ladies on CPC are just so friendly and supportive though. Check them out at their shop (actually it is Marg's shop - but we all call it ours!) where you can click on the link to go to the blog and forum too.-

Well that's it for now - gotta let the cat out before she types some rude message across the screen!! See ya later alligator!!

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susy said...

Nice to see you back. Well done on the photo organisation, it's been on the to do list for years, one day. Hasn't Gellong got some great sights, haven't been there for a few years now but used to love it as a kid. Will email you about some painting classes they are going to be holding next year, true beginners ones this time.