Monday, October 15, 2007

Mad Monday Morning Cleaning!!

I have just the perfect way to get over Mondayitis........ make it even worse by doing lots of bathroom scrubbing. I spent over an hour scrubbing every nook and cranny - ugh - in both the ensuite and main bathroom. What a disgusting thing to have to do on the first day of the week.

But on the bright side... the rest of the week is looking good now!!

It is so hot and windy here today. Yesterday was cool and had to put a jumper on last night. Today I could imagine myself by a pool!! Perfect weather for washing.... 'cept I had no powder!! So after a coffee with the girls at the local scrapping shop - Hi Suzy and Tan!! I came home with washing powder and I nearly get blown away while trying to hang out sheets and towels.. but hey it will be done and then the week will look even better!!!

Ahh the power of positive thinking!!!

I managed to get about 20 Christmas cards made on the weekend. Woohoo for me!!! They look pretty good too! Even if I do say so myself! I will take some photos and show them on here tomorrow.

Anyway I'd better go do another load of washing and more chores........... fun things await!


Susan C said...

Its nice to be able to sit back after a cleaning session and appreciating the results. Bet your washing didn't take long to dry. Just as long as you didn't need to label your clothes with your name and address :-)

Mrs Frizz said...

Yep, you've gotta love housework - NOT!!!!!

But it's something that just has to be done - lol!

Nothing like a sparkling bathroom ... but know where you are coming from ... ewwwwwhhhhh!!!