Monday, December 24, 2007

Yellow Zucchini - very yummy. Will be on the barbeque with roast turkey and other vegetables on Christmas Day.

Spinach - eat this for lunch every day. Too much heat last week and rain has made it run to seed now. Will have to get some more.

Tomatoes - have 3 different lots in but they had a slow start because I forgot I was in SA and tried to plant them out too early - frost chopped the top off most of them - will see how they go?

Potatoes - Imagine growing your own potatoes - I think this is so cool. Have to stop myself from digging them up to check on how they are going!

That is the end of my vegetable and fruit garden piccies for now - there is more but not fruiting at the moment! Bit tricky to get them all to be edible at the same time to save on trips to the shops!
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