Friday, July 4, 2008

Petticoat Lane, Penola

Is where we went today for our regular Friday Homeschool excursion. We choose different things to do each Friday of the school term and we go as a group. Today was my turn to organise something so I chose Penola. I think I could live there, it has a beautiful feeling about it. I feel very comfortable there and there is always something to do or somewhere to go or something to look at. Penola has galleries, coffee shops, antique stores, an old fashioned lolly shop and so many other things going for it.

Today we did a short history walk down Petticoat Lane which is the original street. We heard a lot of history of the people who first lived in Penola. Then we walked back to the Mary McKillop Centre and saw the little school house where she lived and taught the children of Penola in the late 1800's. We went into the Mary McKillop Interpretive centre and saw all about her life and the life of Father Tennison Woods. He fascinates me as he was a priest and a scientist back in 1880. He is responsible for a lot of the geological information around our area - and there is a lot of that!
Of course, there is always so many lovely things to take photos of when you step back in time. I hope you like the ones I chose to share - they are my favourites of the day.

A homeschool excursion to Penola is not complete without lunch in the park and a play with the other kids ( and a good old natter for the parents) followed by a trip to see Sue at the Lolly shop before heading home. Bit of a worry when you are on a first name basis with the owner of a lolly shop in a neighbouring town???
Home in time to do some grocery shopping, some washing and drying, cooking tacos for tea, then settling in to watch Silent Witness and Spooks on the ABC. So that means it must be bed time now!!
Sweet dreams!
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susy said...

So pretty Kathryn. I love petticoat lane, it's a place you can wander and browse for hours.

Donna Maria said...

Hey Kathryn,

Penola is soooo much prettier now than when I was growing up in it!

I have an Aunt and Uncle that live in Petticoat Lane...have done ever since I was a little girl. I love going back and exploring too.


Anonymous said...

so do you live in the mount?? i was looking up stuff on petticoat lane and one of the search results was your blog. i was homeschooled when i was younger and i now am a newcomer to the mount and love penola. just curious. :)