Friday, January 2, 2009

What a naughty little blogger I am...

I have neglected by blog for over 3 month now. Probably no-one left to read it now!! So hello if you are still checking my humble little place in the world of cyber space. See hand waving!!!

A lot has happened since then too.
I went to Qld for a month.
Caught up with all the rellies.
Organised a high school reunion which was absolutely bloody fantastic!!!
Saw my bestest friend Vicki and her family, including Nana!!
Am now a member of the Inspiration Team at The Scrap Heap Very exciting stuff!! I am so proud to be a part of the Team of awesome and inspiring ladies!!
Went to a wonderful homeschool camp with the boys over in Daylesford in Victoria.
Organised and enjoyed a lovely quiet Christmas and New Year with just the 4 of us.
A very busy three months put into less than 10 lines of text!!!

And so a new year begins.... resolutions, goals, aspirations yeah all that too!! I start goals all the time. Last year I did an Ali Edwards and chose one word to live by for the year. I can't even remember what that word was!!! Hopeless I am!! This year's word should be "FOCUS", Kathryn FOCUS!!!!!

Anyways I promise to blog more, share more photos, layouts etc.
Ciao for now!


Sandie said...

Hey you!! You're back. I do check everyone's blog quite regularly & leave comment but it seems most 'facebook' & forget the blog.
I love my blog & catching up on others too. Thanks for letting us enjoy a little snippet of your life!!

Donna Maria said...

Welcome back....missed you! Xx

susy said...

I'm still here,lol. Glad to see you back in the world of blog. Sometimes we have so much on there is just no time to blog about it all.

Caroline said...

Just thought I would tell you I dropped by when I saw your hand waving. Sometimes last year(sounds so long ago doesn't it)I used to lurk your blog. So here I am ole faithful!!LOL