Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Interesting Start to the day

As most of you know I like to start my mornings with my breakfast in front of the computer checking my emails and blogs I read.

Today was interesting and has had me thinking all day. One friend, who I will call a friend although I don't know her very well, but have a lot of respect and admiration for, had replied to an email saying that she was having a bad day. She has CLL, which can vary in its severity and today she was obviously feeling very down. The other friend, is a special part of my teenage life and he sent me a photo taken from the balcony of his apartment in Switzerland. It was breathtaking!

I was sad that my first friend felt unwell and unhappy and wanted to cheer her up but she lives 4 hours away! The second friend I felt a little jealous of, for his gorgeous view. It made me think how important friends are and how they can affect your life without even realising it. I stopped being sad and jealous and thought about what a great life I have and how blessed I am to have a few very good close friends and many many friends all over the country who I often think of, even if I don't see them. So am now in a happy place!!

And on to other less deep and meaningful things! I am attempting to follow Becky Higgins and lots of others into the 365 day project. You have to take a photo a day for a year - yep, you heard me right - a whole year. Well I can tell you that if I can do it anyone can. I was wondering what photos I could take as we seem to go from being hermits to social bunnies here at this house. We spend weeks hanging around the house then we zip off to some gorgeous place for a week , then home again. I was thinking how boring the stay at home parts are - BUT of course, they won't be boring to the future generations. For example, it is good to document the everyday things too. At our house, Tuesday is always Pizza night. It started because Tuesday is the afternoon I take the Joey Scout Mob for an hour or so. After this I don't feel like cooking, so Gregory orders the Pizza and I collect on my way home. It is now part of our lives and worth taking a photo of!!

There is a blog I have been reading where people are putting there 365 photos but for now I think I will try to upload them here and see how I go. Here is Day 1 and Day 2, the rest are still on the camera! Not going to do very well if they stay there hey??

Day 1 - Daniel in front of the computer - he takes after his mother - he likes to check his emails and blogs first thing in the morning too.
Day 2 - Gregory having a very serious conversation about something - as only he can do. Note the glasses - he only got them on 30 Dec.
Righto off to do some things...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn,
Enjoy your friends while you have them. Last year we had an absolutely awful year, burying three close friends and my Mother-in-Law. I wouldn't wish a year like we had last year on anybody.

Belinda Venables said...

Hi there Kathryn.

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susy said...

Great job keeping up on the 365 so far. So far so good for me, we'll just have to see what next month brings.
see you tomorrow night.Xx

Sharon said...

hi there kathryn...Well it is official I now have my very own Blog... how exciting! My address is