Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Study Time

Well this confirmed natural learner has gone back to school! Yep I have enrolled in a Postgraduate Certificate of Education. I already have my teaching degree but thought it would be a good example to set for my children to do some serious study. If I survive the four units for this I will go on and do another four units and than when I decide to return to teaching I will have a Masters degree to wave around!!
Gregory has also enrolled in some serious study -a unit through Open Uni. He is pretty impressed with himself for starting a Uni subject at only just 15 and this has gotten him through the very steep learning curve he had to begin with. He has chosen a Philosophy subject which means there are some seriously deep and meaningful discussions going on in this house!!
Part of my Uni subject is to start a blog - woohoo I am ahead there!! About the only thing I feel ahead on though... who had the bright idea that she had time to do study??? Yikes - talk about serious committment!!
Anyway the good thing is that I won't be neglecting my blog so much now.
Ok, off to do some more study - will be back soon to fill you all in the first 2 months of the year.
Ciao, Kathryn


Sandie said...

Well done Kathryn!!! You rock!!

Donna Maria said...

You go Girl!!!!! Xx

Deb Hosking said...

That's great Kathryn. What subject are you doing? I've been thinking about doing my Masters too!

redmond said...

Welcome back to blogging. Look forward to hearing what's new, exciting, frustrating etc in your studies.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Kathryn! You're sure setting a good example for your children, and Gregory, at 15 studying philosophy must be a major achievement. Well done, both of you!