Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A good day now!

Today started off in a not so good way. We were meant to go and help out at a fundraiser for our local homeschool group. Daniel woke up tired and needing to sit on the toilet (enough information!) and Gregory's sore throat had gotten worse overnight! The good bit about this is the way they felt when we had to cancel the helping out. They felt awful about it and we were all a bit sad and upset by this. The good bit I think is that they were more concerned that we had let some good friends down rather than dwelling on how sick they felt.

After lunch today we all had some therapy time. We painted!! I copied an idea I had seen on Donna Downey's : A Painting a Day Blog, Daniel painted a Mudlet from the Deltora Quest books and Gregory did a great abstract tree!

It is a good day now!

Hope everyone else is having a good day.




David and Stephanie Mitchell said...

Hi Kathryn

Great blog - Its nice to read some other homeschoolers "day notes"


susy said...

Glad all turned out well. Did anyone paint a pair?

Anonymous said...

are you going to share the paintings with us???

susy said...

Whoops that was meant to be pear. It was late.