Saturday, June 30, 2007

Just for Julie, and some other stuff

Just for Julie, I braved the cold to take a photo of the Guinea Pig Mansion.

Here is the front entrance, with the main living room behind it through the iron door (entrance for animals bigger than a guinea pig) and the al fresco area to the side.

Spoilt rotten little piggies are George and Harold - named after the main characters from a book called Captain Underpants!!!

Don't you just love homeschooling!!
On Thursday night at Cub Scouts, Daniel had a Pirate Night, so Friday morning he got to dress up as a Pirate again. He made his bed into a Pirate Ship, rounded up some stuffed toys for his crew and then drew and wrote all about it for a couple of hours!

Real learning in a real life situation - just love it!

Julie also asked for a picture of the painting we did on Tuesday.

Well here you go Julie. A mudlet by Daniel, a tree by Gregory and a copy of Donna Downey's painting by moi!

Aren't we talented little people????? Ok the boys might have a bit but me ...... no !! actually I have taken my painting out.. Donna might happen along to check out my blog and not be flattered at all!!

Anyway folks, that's it for me for today. Highlight of the day, besides scrapping with Maria, was munching on licorice allsorts while watching the yummier and more interesting Doctor Who with the entire family! Only time we all watch the same show!!! Check him out on Saturday nights on ABC at 7.30 pm!!

See ya!


Anonymous said...

that is way cool kathryn!!!! i love the mansion - i am getting ideas now, when we move i am allowed to get a rabbit - ( not allowed in QLD) we have guniea pigs now and want to make this awesome rabbit and guniea pig mansion. love teh paintings!!! thanks for sharing

Mrs Frizz said...

Well you certainly have some budding young artists in your family ... well done.

Hope everyone got rid of their bugs and that you are all now fit and healthy.