Monday, June 11, 2007

Our New Home

I am amazed that we have been in this house for over 3 months. It still feels like it was just last week. We have fitted in so well... the first time in a lot of houses that we use every room as it was meant to be used and all our stuff fits in and there is still room to move!! The boys have a room each again and it looks like them.... Greg's is filled with books and Dan's with Lego!! There is space for me to scrapbook and the boys to homeschool! Andrew loves his big shed... the dartboard is even up!! The garden is coming along slowly. I have planted over 30 little natives around the front and some in the back too. The tallest one is nearly 1 metre so they had better get a wriggle on... it still looks very bare.

The bigger than Ben Hur vege patch is starting to take shape...... except for the extra large hole Gregory has dug in the middle of it. He could never resist a patch of dirt!!! He found some sheep or cattle bones and was beside himself!! His imagination ran wild....... until I convinced him that they were domestic animal bones!!! Back to the veges... I have some fruit trees in large pots... not leaving them behind again!! There are some baby beans trying to climb a trellis and some cabbage starting to think about producing edible food. I think the carrots have been stepped on too much... so not holding too much hope for them.

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