Thursday, August 23, 2007

Catch Up Time

I have been a bad bad blogger.... I am so sorry for my fans or should that read fan, as I'm sure my dreary life is not read about by others much.

Anyway for those loyal followers here is an update of the last couple of weeks, please take the time to leave a comment even if it just hello, so that I know I should continue???

The weekend of the 11 and 12th saw the boys and I left at home while Andrew went off for a wild weekend of footy in Melbourne. He is not a footy fan so there must have been some other reason he had to go? I wonder what it was??? Male bonding?? nah he can get that here! I am surrounded by testoserone some days!! The sights of Melbourne?? Nah I don't think they saw any!! Oh yes now I know the bus trip??? Yeah right!! I really don't know why he went then??? But he had such a good time that he was very tired and emotional when he got home at 4pm on the Sunday that he fell straight to sleep in his armchair??!!

Sunday Daniel has his Piano lessons and is working extra hard towards his first lot of piano exams on the 6th of September. I think he plays beautifully but then I'm not a muso!! just the mother!

Last Thursday we had our Home Education Review. We passed with flying colours and are free to go about our business for another year. Too easy really! But I am glad that we are legally registered so then we are covered! Sally stayed and chatted for 2 and a half hours - even I felt like I had talked enough by the time she left and that's saying something!!

Monday this week saw me at Book Club again!! Well what can I say?? Not sure if it is the right book club for me??? I am waiting to see what the next book is like and the next meeting, because it may be 3 strikes and your out, or rather I'm outta there!!

Tuesday night was the first meeting of CIPS - craft in pyjamas society - Julie you would have fitted right in!!! The only rules are that you have to come in your pjs and complete the cards that everyone has a turn at doing! Too easy and lots of fun! Lots of laughs and yummy food - not good for the diet but I walked extra long and hard yesterday to make up for it! Will definitely be staying in this club!!!

Yesterday I was back at the dentist for a checkup on my two permanent crowns that I had put in last month. The only bit that hurt was the bill when I tried to leave~~~ eek. I think one of the kids should become a dentist - way more profitable than doctor I'm thinking!! Anyway all is good and I don't have to go back for a checkup for another 6 months!

Tomorrow is Daffodil Day!!!
Don't forget to buy a daffodil or one of the many other things on sale that will go to the Cancer Council. A very worthy cause!!!

On the scrapping front, I have a done a couple of pages for Country Paper Craft, which if I knew how to link it I would!?? Let's see if I can get blogger to put the photos in here near the right words! Nup stoopid blogger hates me!! Will try again later.

Well that's it for the news from me, hope everyone is having a good day? I'm off to make presents for Father's Day with my little Cub Scouts - bless their little cotton socks!!


The Salisbury Family said...

Sounds like an interesting week, would love to join that craft group lol. Keep up the blog, I love to read whats happening

the_spook said...

Hi Kathryn,

I do enjoy reading your blog and what your family have been up too. I also loved the last email you sent on friends

Please keep up you news,it is good


Anonymous said...

Hi Kath

Very interesting it's like having you nearby.

Keep up the good work.

Susan C said...

So did you ever find out what the trip to Melbourne was about? Some times I don't understand men.

Good to hear that Home Ed Review went well.

I wish I could find a book club close to me that meets at a time when I am not working. Sometimes work really gets in the way of things I want to do, like scrapping :-)

Lizzy said...

Just to let you know that I read your blog too. And have just realised I have not sent Daniel that card & cash I promised - will put it on the calendar for tomorow.

Very slack Aunty Lizzy

Lizzy said...

Too much technology - I just thought I had left a comment already...

Just wanted to let you know that I do read your blog.

And have just realise that I did not send Daniel the card and Cash - or did I, nope pretty sure I didn't. Will put it on the calendar for tomorrow.

Love from Slack Aunty Lizzy

Mrs Frizz said...

Pleased that the home review went well for you ...

Not so good on the dentist bill tho.

susy said...

Hello from your number one fan, lol.
now you didn't tell me about that you naughty girl.