Monday, August 6, 2007

Monday is for......

Housework!! Lots of washing to be done, vacuuming, mopping, trip to the post office, trip to newsagency to buy wrapping paper for presents, ring and organise homeschool camp for September.

Presents are for my baby, who turns double digits this Wednesday!!! I can't believe he will be 10! He has grown up so fast and yet 10 years ago also feels like a lifetime ago. We've moved house 4 times since he was born while we were in Biloela, Central Queensland.

Speaking of Biloela, I got an email from my bestest friend from there only yesterday. Hi Chris!! Think of you often. I'll try and put a photo of Daniel on his birthday on here just for you! After all you were his favourite cuddly person 10 years ago!! He still loves cuddles and kisses!!

Ok, better get my bum into gear and get all thses jobs done!

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