Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hurrah, sorry blogger for calling you stupid!! These are all photos of Gregory when we lived in Quilpie, Far South Western Queensland. I am slowly working my way through his baby photos.. he is 7 and 8 months old here so I have a few more to do yet!
In the last week or so I have been a very busy little bunny... what have I been up to?? Read On!!!
On Friday 27 July, I helped organise a scrapbooking fundraiser for my friend Maria's nephew. Josh has severe autism and his mother is trying to raise enough money so that she can take him to USA for the Sonrise Programme. It works miracles for some of these kids.
We were so excited to realise that we had raised $1500 towards his trip!!
We played lots of games, had a yummy dinner and did a little bit of scrapping. Susy has posted some photos on the scrap'n'patch blog, if you want to see what we got up to!!
On Wednesday 1 August it was the 100th birthday celebrations for World Scouting. So what did I decide to do??....... Organise the scout and Cubs to have a joint evening with all the parents and brothers and sisters invited too!! I'm glad I did it but it was a lot of work and all too often when you are a volunteer you don't get the thanks you deserve. I know I did a b@#$%y good job so that's what matters most!
Today I reclaimed my vege patch from Gregory's digging to China episode!! It is now all neatly set out with garden beds covered in shredded paper and hay mulch. Will take a piccy tomorrow if it isn't raining??
This week I have to get organised and start some serious planning for the homeschool camp that is being held here at the World Heritage Naracoorte Caves! It is on in 7 weeks... eek better get onto that!!
Anyway the bangers need their mash so had better tootle off and see to the feeding of the men!!!


Treezah said...

your layouts look great Kathryn. Sounds like you've been really busy, but good on you for raising so many $$$. The sonshine program is FANTASTIC, my friend did it with her son a wee while ago!

Anonymous said...

blogger can be like that - i find a strn talking to does

great layouts - good to see someone has been scrapping....

susy said...

Very productive day, love the results. Glad to hear the night did so well, had not heard the final figures.