Tuesday, June 10, 2008

We went to the zoo, zoo, zoo!!!

Zebras, White Rhinos, Spotted Hyena and Lion - we went to Old Tailem Town on Saturday, then to Monarto Zoo on Sunday. The zoo was great - although I have yet to go to a zoo that matches Dubbo!! We enjoyed looking at all the animals. More pics to come....
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coco said...

hi there Kathryn, I just love.... the giraffe. They are they cutest creatures. The other photos are great. Thanks for the laughs at the shop last night. I hope I wasnt too much of a disruptive possum.
You do amazing things and are very talented. Have a happy Thursday xx

Sandie said...

Hello Kathryn,
I just am loving these animal photos! They are wonderful.
Thanks for lots of laughs last night. We'll try to keep you in the conversation next time - ha ha ha.
Farewell for now & have a wonderful day.
luv me xxooxx