Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who remembers these??

Little bottles of milk given to you at morning tea time. Often they were warm by then - I lived in Qld!!!

Wooden desks attached to the floor, room for two little people to sit at them, flip top lids - had to get your stuff out at the same time as the kid next to you!! Also had to watch out for fingers getting caught if the kid next to you didn't like you!!

Teacher's neat writing of the alphabet along the top of the blackboard!

Ahh those wonderful old days!! I couldn't believe that I went to school long enough ago to qualify for my school days to be on show at Old Tailem Town. I also found a butcher's shop with the lino on the bench and the big green cash register exactly the same as the butcher's in little old Inglewood, Queensland where I grew up! Very freaky feeling!! Nah not the being old bit - the remembering the colour of the lino and the cash register from 35+ years ago!! What a weird piece of memory to have??
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Anonymous said...

I remember those old wooden desks and the small milk bottles, although they were cold when we received them. It's scary that I remember things that are now in a museum...must be getting old!

Susan C said...

I remember the small milk bottles. My school had a fridge so they were always cold, and at lunch you could go up and get another one if they had any left.

My grade two classroom had desks like that one you took a photo of.

Thanks for the great memories (and I agree we must be getting old if some of the things we remember are in a museum).