Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bring Donna Down Under!

My friend Susy and I adore Donna Downey's style of scrapping and art!! So we have decided to bombard her with lots of messages and emails in the hope she will give in and visit Australia, and do some of her awesome classes for us!

This is what Susy said on her blog -

OK for all of you Aussie scrappers out there my friend Kathryn and I have devised a plan to try and get the very talented Donna Downey to come to Australia and do some classes. We are going to use good old fashioned nagging (works for the kids) We thought if those of you who are out there who would be as excited as us to do a class with 'her miss scrappiness' herself could leave a comment on her blog ( weekly if possible) she might just feeled loved enough to want to travel down her and see us all. It's worth a try hey?

So Susy and I are in - who else is going to help us?? Send Donna an email asking her to come down under!
Let's go - we can do this!!

1 comment:

Donna Maria said...

Hello doing the Donna thing.... but wanted to let you know I have tagged you. When you get a minute check out my blog....Love you.