Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gregory straightened his hair

or rather he allowed Bianca and Lee to straighten it for him. Bianca has been asking him for ages, if she could straighten it. She was a bit sad one night while we were in Melbourne and Gregory brightened her night up by allowing her to do it. I could not believe how long it was! I am so used to the long curls that I was just amazed by this gorgeous hair! The one of the back of his head still stuns me!!

I may be biased but isn't he gorgeous too?
I look at photos of him now at 14 and a half and wonder where my little blonde baby boy has gone?? I console myself that I now have handsome curly-haired kind-hearted young man - and I am blessed!!
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Donna Maria said...

Oh my gosh! I think his hair is longer that mine..I must admit though I like his hair curly...and yes, you do have a very handsome son!