Sunday, September 28, 2008

Photos of Us For Edwards Family and Lisa.

This is Gregory from the back! Some people think he needs a haircut - but I think it would be a shame to cut off all those gorgeous curls! What do you think?

This is Gregory while he is playing on the computer. The game must have been going well as he is smiling!!

This is Daniel, smirking at me because he caught me taking a photo of him! Aren't those green eyes and dimple gorgeous?

Then there is me! Only one chin and a bit of a second one that will be gone soon too I hope?? Nothing I can do about the wrinkles though!!

Wish I was visiting with you guys in Brisbane - I am sure I am missing out on so much fun!
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susy said...

Nooo, don't chop the curls. Nice shots of you all.

Sandie said...

Hi Kathryn!
Love the pics of you & your boys.