Thursday, September 4, 2008

Going to the zoo

Andrew is working in Melbourne for 2 weeks, so we thought we would head over for a long weekend. We got to stay at the Quest Apartments right next to the Telstra Dome. We only had to pay for the rooms to be upgraded to a 2 bedroom from 1 bedroom - cheapest accommodation for a while.
On the Friday, we were lucky to met up with Dora and her 2 gorgeous girls, Kai and Rosie and another young lady, Sunshine. It was a beautiful sunny day with the temperature around 18. Perfect for walking aorund the zoo. I took over 300 photos, now I just have to find time to go through them and delete the crappy ones and send the good ones off to be printed.
There was 3 male lions in a cage together but they were all very well behaved and posed so well for us.

The lemurs had us in stitches. They were sitting in the sun, with their tummies turned to it to catch all the warmth. At times, with their little hands resting on their knees, it looked like they were meditating. ooomm oomm oomm

This mandrill was so good looking from this angle, but from behind he was even more spectacular!! His butt was all shades - blue, green, pink, all shimmery. But the photos I took don't show the shimmeriness (is there such as word??).

The baby chimpanzee had us mesmerised for ages. He was up on the platform near the viewing area and was just doing his thing. He was like a toddler - trying to walk around and falling down. He would keep going back to his Mum and the other chimp, who were having a grooming session, to check up on them, then toddle off again. So cute.
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