Monday, October 19, 2009

More touristy stuff

On Friday, Granny, Daniel and I went to the Bendigo Pottery. I found some gorgeous pottery I would like. I fell in love with the big mixing bowls - would be perfect for breakmaking.

On Saturday, we decided to take the Talking Tram around Bendigo. It is a great tourist idea. You sit on the tram and listen to a guy tell you all about Bendigo and its history.

The boys look like they got a bit close to the front of the tram!

The front entrance to the first Myer store in Australia.

Then we tootled off to the Chinese Museum. This is the longest Chinese Dragon in the world - over 100 metres long! It goes right around the museum more than once. It is the second one from the left. The others are smaller ones also used in the annual Easter Parade.

Then we walked over a beautiful marble bridge to the Chinese temple and gardens. So peaceful and tranquil.
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