Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 16 - Christmas is almost here

It is ok, Christmas can happen at our place now... we finally have the tree up and decorated. It is Gregory's job to put the tree together and then he and Daniel put on the tinsel, lights and little decorations. I can't believe how quickly and easily they did it. I can remember when it used to take hours as I had to hand out the decorations and do the lights myself. I hope they keep wanting to decorate the tree forever!
My darling little niece turned 4 today. Happy birthday Caitlin Hannah!! Daniel and I went shopping for her present and spent quite a bit of time in the pink aisle in both Target and Big W!! It was a difficult experience for both of us!! LOL! In the end we couldn't resist buying her a green sparkly Tinkerbell outfit complete with wings!! John took a photo of her and sent it to us - it was so worth it, including squishing those wings into a box to post it to Queensland.
Well tomorrow we should finally know if the house we put an offer on is accepted or not. Right at this moment, I don't mind which way it goes. So we shall see.


Sandie said...

WOW - how cool are you !!! Tree up & everything!! lol
It certainly is very different & difficult shopping in the pink aisle for us girls that produce nothing but boys !! hee hee hee
Coco would love the tinkerbell outfit - yeah!!!
Well - I wait with baited breathe to hear about the house.
cheers me xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn,
Only 16 days to Christmas! *gulp*

It comes upon us so quickly, doesn't it? I only finished writing Christmas letters yesterday.

Have a great week,

susy said...

You think we would be delighted to shop for girlie stuff but our family are the same, it's all a bit befuddling :-) Waiting anxiously to here about your house.