Sunday, December 13, 2009

Family Day Out

This afternoon, we headed out for a look around a little bit of Bendigo.
Daniel wanted to show me the Fernery area at Rosalind Park, so we went there first. It was so lovely and cool. I wandered around getting ideas for putting in an area with lots of ferns on our block. It would be lovely to walk through on a hot day. I don't think the trees on our place will be thick enough though. I have been thinking about so many things I would like to do there!!
Then we walked down along Pall Mall to the biggest second hand book store in town. I found 4 books for me to read, so they will be under the tree. The boys couldn't find anything they wanted so we went over to Collins (ABC Centre) Bookstore and Dymocks and Gregory found a book for us to put under the tree for him.
By this time, Daniel was hungry (isn't he always these days??) and Gregory was thristy so we headed to a very yummy coffee shop called Basement. It is in the basement of the Bendigo Art Gallery. We all had something scrumptious to eat and the coffee was perfect. I think we will be back there sometime soon.
We went upstairs then to the Art Gallery and saw some interesting pieces of art. The Pioneer by Frederick McCubbin was the highlight for me. You know the one of the man and woman, with a child in her arms, lighting a fire in the bush! I found out quite a bit about it while I was there. It is cool to read about something that you assumed what just a painting.
Then it was time to head home again. We all agreed that we had had a lovely afternoon together and that we should do it more often.
Night all.

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