Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Geelong Visit

Gregory was invited to a party by one of his friends. Fine if he lived just down the next street - no... he lives 4.5 hours away in Geelong.

So what' s a Mother supposed to do?? Drive to Geelong for the weekend of course!

I nearly got to go by myself then Daniel found out and said that he had such a good time last time that he wanted to go again. So I took the opportunity to find a flight for Mum from Avalon to Brisbane and so we all set off for the weekend.

It is a lovely city to visit and probably to live in too.
Daniel had to show Granny the Bollards along eastern Beach.

This time the carousel was in operation, so Daniel hopped on and went round and round so many times, I was feeling sick!!

Then we went for a wander further down the beach and found somewhere nice to eat lunch. Daniel finished his lunch almost before ours arrived so he went to sit on the beach front. Wonder what he was thinking about???

We hit the shops for a little bit. We found this huge bubble blower at Spotlight - what fun!

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Schuyler said...

Hi! Just wandering the internet looking for information about home-education in Geelong before my husband applies for a job at Deakin. Got excited when I saw all the unschoolers in your blog list. It makes Geelong seem a much happier possibility, even if the nearest like minded folk live 4.5 hours away.