Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not lost.....

... just busy with life, the universe and everything in betweeen.

Easter here in our little house was very quiet, watched a couple of DVDs, went for a drive to Hell's Hole, went to the moveis, ate lots of chocolate and some very dodgy fish and chips from Mount Gambier!!

Here is a shot of Daniel collecting some eggs in the grass. He found quite a few - that bunny sure was a busy little fella! The boys ended up with about half a basket full of eggs, a bilby and a gift from us and a family size block of Cadbury's chocolate from Mum. Of course Daniel, aka the chocaholic, has only a small amount of his block left, while Gregory has a few eggs and the whole block left!
It is the same every year.

This is the track to Hell's Hole, which is about 10 minutes south east of Mount Gambier. Unfortunately I had only taken my zoom lens, so I couldn't get back far enough to actually get a photo of the hole! It is surrounded by bush and you can only see it if you walk out onto a viewing balcony thingy!

I vowed to get a decent photo of Gregory, instead of just his hair. I told him I was going to keep snapping until I got one so he had better get used to it. He started talking about something and while he was talking I kept shooting and this is the best of the 100 photos! He has a half a smirk, which summs up his mood that day - a little bit cheeky but definitely happy!

Daniel has now decided that he is not keen on photos either. Arggghh, what is a girl supposed to do?? I caught him in this one while he was laughing at Gregory not wanting his photo taken!!

Two gorgeous boys aren't I a lucky Mummy???
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