Friday, December 18, 2009

Silly me

I hadn't old blogger that I was now in Victoria. I wondered why the post I wrote at a quarter past 12 last night still had Thursday on it, when I was joking about it. Doh!! I have now changed to Victorian time so I really can't be too late with my postings now!
Just got home from a nice picnic amongst the trees at Castlemaine - not cold - just perfect weather wise. Met some new people and reacquainted with a couple I had met before, so all good. Daniel made a new friend - yayee!
Then we tootled off to Maldon to the Cherry Farm and got 2 bags of the yummiest biggest cherries ever! Hope some last for a week until Christmas?? Umm maybe not.....
Popped in for a natter with another friend on the way home and now after all that socialising we are exhausted and very quiet!
Two of my little monsters have found their way safely to their new homes and are already loved! That makes me happy too! All in all a very good day.


Sandie said...

CHERRIES ... did someone say - CHERRIES!!!!! big, fat, juicy cherries - yum. lol
Glad you enjoyed your picnic. Sounds like things are going along well.
Monsters well loved already.
Cheers xxx

Anonymous said...

Kathryn, those monsters were absolutely adorable - I'm not surprised that they are loved!

Have a great weekend,