Tuesday, December 22, 2009


was a sleep in, followed by some study, then after lunch we did one of our favourite things. We went book shopping. We found the most amazing secondhand bookstore - Book Now. I thought the other one called Book Mark was good but this is better - I could nearly reach all the books!! Ha ha.
I found dozens I could have taken home but stopped at 3 - a gardening one on natives and 2 Frank McCourt ones. Andrew insisted they go under the tree so I have loads of pressies now!! I found 2 home repair and building ones so they got wrapped and put under the tree for Andrew. Christmas can't happen unless Gregory gets books and he hadn't been able to think of any he wanted but he managed to find one. Then he remembered one he had seen before so we headed to Dymocks and we found 3 more for him and one for Daniel. End result - books for all!! Happy happy.
Is that weird to be a whole family that likes to buy books?? To have forever?? I try to convince the kids we should become library book borrowers to save money but I can't get them to change their snobby ways!!

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Susan C said...

Oh I love books too.

Yes I bought myself a book for Christmas and placed it under ou tree and made sure everyone else has books too.

As much as I love buying books the most precious card in my wallet (apart from my credit/atm card) is my library card and I love going in to browse or even jumping on their online search to see if they have any book that tickles my fancy and go reserve it if they do. My library will also buy books suggested by you, if they don't already have it in stock or on their 'buy when author publishes new book" list. Can you tell I love my library? But then I think its won some awards.

Go visit your local library, you might be pleasantly surprised.