Saturday, November 28, 2009

House hunting - bah humbug!!

I am soooo over looking at houses!! I have lost track of the number we have been to see. Every one of them has had something missing or we didn't like. I am beginning to think we are being too fussy!!
Looked at 5 today.
1. on 3 acres, 4 bedrooms, above ground pool -BUT Andrew is worried it is too far out in the bush - 10 minutes from his work in the city!!
2. on 1.6 acres, 4 bedrooms - NO Shed!
3. Older house close to town, self contained studio at the back - needs painting, small shed and yard is a mess!
4. beautiful old house, very nicely done up, shed - TOO much money wanted for it!!
5. right price, lovely garden, big shed -house too small!!


Going to look at another tomorrow after lunch and then back for a second look at No 1 from today.

I NEED to find one soon or else you can just ship me off to the funny farm in my pyjamas!!!

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susy said...

Tell Andrew to get over it and go live on 3 acres (OK, don't really tell him that,lol)but it does sound great and ten minutes of driving is good thinking time.
Just think of the money you will save growing your own fruit and vegies, you could even grow extra herbs and vegies and sell them, big market for organic food in the city. :-)