Monday, November 23, 2009

Remember Me??

Yep I'm still here. I have a momentous start to the week.
Firstly I made a very hard decision to leave the Inspiration Team for The Scrap Heap. I have loved every minute of my 12 months on the team, but lately I have felt no inclination to scrap at all. Bet that silly mojo returns now!! The part I will miss the most is the comraderie of the other ladies and how caring they are of the other members of the team. Thanks so much to Christine and Beryl for choosing to have me on the team.
I have also made the decision to stop stressing about a house to buy. We need to save some pennies so it will not be such a big drain when we do get a home loan. So hopefully we can just continue to rent this house until something comes up and in the meantime I can pull in the purse strings as well as find a job. This house is smaller than we need but it is amazing how you don't use the furniture you have stacked up in the garage anyway!! There is nothing we have missed or needed to use except the spare mattress when someone came to stay. So there you go - maybe I should just sell it all off?
Today we also decided to pare down the ridiculous amount of money we spend on Christmas. Daniel still wants Lego, so that is fine. Andrew is off to Fleetwood Mac next week so said that would do him for his present, as well as his carton of mixed international beers. Gregory and I would like a new computer so it looks like that may be on the cards now as we don't want anything else. We will spend a little on our Christmas food but as it is only us 4 for Christmas, that is always quite cheap compared to other peoples.
I have rearranged the office space so the computers are together and we can share the laser printer as when Andrew was printing from the big computer, he was using lots of $$$ of inkjet printer ink just for black copies - and that soon adds up to lots!! The little laser printer hopefully will work out cheaper to run as it doesn't need toner for over 1500 pages.
So... lots of decisions and things accomplished in the last 2 days!!
What else is happening in my life?? Well I have jumped in the deep end when it comes to my study - I am going for 2 units over the summer. One on the new literacies associated with all the new technology being used in schools and the other one is very scary - Intro to Web Publishing!! A very steep learning curve there me thinks!! Will make the old brain cells spark!!
I can't think of anything else at the moment. I don't think I have even taken a photo for the last month!!
See you later - hopefully it won't be another month before I blog again!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that was lots of huge decisions! Always great to make some decisions though as it seems to be the wondering or not knowing that affects one the worst! Now you can just got on with things. Hey, give me a yell if you ever get stuck with anything with your web publishing course .. web development is part of my job, have been doing it for years!