Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thursday... Day 4

A nice quiet day here today. We have had the beautiful Dora and her daughter Rosie and Hamish from down the road come for a visit. We ate lunch together and then chatted about homeschooling, Uni study, shopping and gardening. Now, of course, I feel very lazy and don't want to do any of my study or cook dinner, or anything else for that matter!! Wonder where those kitchen fairies are?
We had some wonderful much needed rain today. The rumble of thunder very early this morning was magnificent. Then the couple of heavy showers were amazing too. The garden sure looks happy - brown with a tinge of green happy!!
Oh look I found the kitchen fairy - she is sitting on the chair at the computer - be gone you lazy wretch!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn,
LOL - I have my post for the day here:

Have a great week,

susy said...

Well she certainly didn't come to my house, may have to hire a new fairy...