Tuesday, November 24, 2009


When I look at my blog visitors counter on the small computer, it shows up as 1213 but when I maximise it, it tells me I have had 12113 visitors?? What the???
Can someone tell me what it says at their end?

Hey to Jill and Lisa, who have both agreed to try and blog every day for 30 days. Woohoo, glad you are joining me. Lisa is the lovely lady who did this a couple of months ago - now she is up for it again. Yayee Lisa!!

OK, Susy and Sandie where are you hiding?? Haven't heard from you two for a while now??

Today was housework time here in a big way!! I am having my first ever house inspection tomorrow. Because we have not rented privately for soooo long - I think the last time I had private rental was in 1984 in Yeppoon Queensland where I had my first teaching position and I don't remember having house inspections. I must say though after looking through a couple of houses to buy that were rented out, this house even on a dirty untidy day looks like an ad for Home Beautiful compared to them. Seriously, the house we looked at on Sunday was disgusting!! The same company that handles the rental is trying to sell it - how they can do that is beyond me!!
Righto that would be Day Two done and dusted... see you all tomorrow.


Sandie said...

Hi K!!!!!
Here I am!!! Your counter says 12119 on my end ok. So when you maximise your page - it's certainly maximising your count too!!! hee hee hee
Been soooooo busy lately just getting things done at this time of year!!! Be glad when it's holiday time.
Cheers for now me xxxx

susy said...

See, we are both still here. So glad you are blogging again. It might just be the inspiration I need to get my butt into gear and update more often (maybe if I stopped reading the 100plus blogs I have in google reader I would have time to do my own blog,lol) My beautiful, beautiful scarf arrived yesterday. I got Joseph to take a photo to send you with it on but didn't get around to putting it on the computer, tomorrow maybe. Thank you I love it.:-) :-):-)Had a great time in Adelaide, will chat soon

Anonymous said...

I did my blogging Day 1 of 30 today. That will take me right up to Christmas Eve! Thanks again for the prompt to blog, I needed it.
Lisa xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Kathryn,
Thank you for the inspiration to blog regularly. :D