Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy Second Day of the Year

TODAY'S QUOTE : The cardiologist's diet: If it tastes good, spit it out.

It was pointed out to me that yesterday's quote was missing the fifth main food group - chocolate, so to rectify that the Irish Coffee has have chocolate sprinkled on top!!!

Yesterday we spent the day at the beach. It has been very hot here - 44 on Monday!!! We thought we had been transported back to Western Queensland. The best bit is that our brand new air conditioner went on the fritz last Saturday. The new part is still not here! Much cooler today though - only 30 - thank goodness!!

Anyway to get away from the heat off we went to Port Macdonnell. Yep it was cooler - about 25 and very windy. The only one who went for a swim was Daniel. I did stand in the water most of the time though - it was delicious!!

Windswept tussocks of grass on the foreshore.

Windswept dog, Pixie, on the beach.

Windswept Daniel playing in the sand.

And a perfectly happy seagull not fazed by the wind at all!!

And last but definitely not least -
Happy Birthday to my sister-in-law, Sheelagh.
Hope you had a lovely day! Pressie is on its way.

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