Friday, January 25, 2008


Finally took a couple of photos of some of my harvest. The yellow zucchinis have been growing so fast, that I have given away almost half of them. The other dozen or so onions are tied by their stalks in the corner of the kitchen. The silverbeet has been amazing - it just grew and grew and grew! We have been having lots of Spinach and Feta Pie for lunches here - Yummo!!!

Tonight I harvested my first ever crop of Peaches. 2 fell off last week and Andrew ate them before I could get to them, then I picked the other 5 tonight and put them in the fridge. I can't believe a little barely 2 foot high peach/nectarine mini tree could produce so many in it's first year??? Can't wait to see what it does next year.

It is so unreal to be able to grow your own fruit and veges. I have grown veges before but the fruit trees I planted in Queensland would only be baring fruit now for the lucky people that live in our old house. Hope the mangoes are yummy for them??

Thanks to Susan for her comments, you are one of my regular commenters!

Thank you to Kez for coming out of lurkdom - I have been to check out your blog, so I will comment on yours too soon!

What lies behind us and what lies before us is insignificant compared to what lies within us.

And with that I am off to read some really cool scrapbooking books, my sweet friend Susy just popped in to lend me! Nighty night!

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Tess said...

Those veges look delish!! I cant wait to have our garden started. There is nothing like the taste of homegrown fruit and veges is there.

Susan C said...

Those vegies look like their just bursting with goodness. Enjoy the fruits of your garden.

susy said...

`Mmmmm. spinach pie, can't wait to make it, thanks for the recipe. The vegies are yummmy.

Quasior said...

Looks good. I like your quote! Hey, I wish I was disciplined enought to do a vege patch/fruit trees/bushes ie raspberries, way too expensive! Well done, and spinach and fetta pies are yummy, I agree.

karisma said...

What a great harvest. I find it so rewarding when you grow your own vegies. And they taste so much better too.

Tarsh Bosko said...

Good on you for growing your own! We do's a lot of fun for the kids..not to mention a great learning experience...with the added benifit of knowing exactly what they have not been sprayed with! We do a swap of produce with our neighbours.
Keep the quotes coming!

susy said...

Hey Kathryn, as much as I love your vegies, how about your holiday??? Happy birthday to Greg.