Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Told you....

that the quiet times were over! I haven't blogged since Sunday and here it is Wednesday already - what happened to Monday and Tuesday???

All that pottering in the garden was great for the garden but not for me! I have hurt my back and every now and again it grabs and ouch it hurts! I did shovel a trailer load of soil all by myself - didn't hurt then but still hurts now! Ok enough whining - I'll live.

QUOTE : After you have worked hard to get what you want take the time to enjoy it.

This is what I am doing in the garden, just sitting and enjoying, although a bit warmer here today so I have looked out through the window!

QUOTE: Nothing is so exhausting as indecision and nothing is so futile.

I have some decisions I need to make at the moment. One is.... do I go back to Uni for some more study. If I want to keep my registration as a teacher in Qld, I have to do some teaching or some study I think? It is all a bit unclear at the moment. Well I really can't do any teaching at the moment and still be home to do the school thing with the kids. SO no decision really is there - more study!! What will I study though?? More education - early childhood, literacy, special ed??? Arrgh someone tell me what to do??

QUOTE: You are as happy as you make up your mind to be.

Ok I am happy and I am off to do some scrapbooking!!!

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Beverley said...

'someone ask me what to do' - I remember asking that quite a bit fifteen years ago when faced with the same question about studying at uni level.

I'm still asking the question, but about different areas of my life.

I think it's a disguised questions Kathryn - the real question is 'What do I want, what do I really need to do - for me?'

All too often as women our decisions are based on what would be best for others. We can easily lose our sense of what we as individuals need to feel satisfied with our lives.

As home educating mothers we are totally focussed on the holistic needs of our children, as well as what's best for the family (especially economically).

Most of us don't nurture our talents. Some of us don't have time to even work out what they are!

Some of us are fixated on the future too much.

You already have the answer to your question :-) It's in the first quote on your blog today!