Friday, April 25, 2008

Dolphins are tricky to photograph!!

This is the best shot I got of them and we watched them for a good 45 minutes! Next year Daniel and I are both going snorkelling!!!

My boy on the beach with a ball - my attempt at some creative photography!! I love it so that is all that matters, hey??

This was our last day and it was the first day that the sun shone brightly enough for us to spent some serious beach time. I sat and nattered with the adults while Daniel played with his friend Chris. Gregory was back at the house resting up from an allnighter the night before!

The beach on the other side of Point Roadknight. So beautiful I could have sat and watched the water all day. I love walking and sitting at the beach but am not real fond of getting in the water! Weird huh??

Well I can safely say that we all had a ball and will be back for the 2009 Camp!!
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Kez said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! I'd love to see dolphins one day.