Friday, April 25, 2008

Watlzing Matilda

Night at our end of term 1 get together at Scouts. The Cub Scouts had been doing a theme on Early Australia so we finished the Term with Waltzing Maltilda.

This is Daniel making himself a swaggie hat. I think Andrew was watching as Daniel probably didn't want any parent help!

The finished product! I had not been able to source enough corks so we improvised and used minties - another good old aussie invention!!! Very handy when you get hungry later on! Not sure if many of the minties made it home!

The kids had a go at swinging the billy to make a cup of tea. Think the bucket was a tad too big for the kids. Most of them ended up on the ground with the billy beside them!!

Then it was goodnight and have a great holiday for the kids. South Australia was lucky that the kids got 2 weeks of holidays.
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