Friday, April 25, 2008

Seals, seals, seals...

This was the first stop on the boat trip. I can't remember what is was called but the people snorkelling jumped off and swam around the rocks to see all the under water wildlife, while the rest of us watched the seal sleeping and the birds playing.

This big fella just lay on the rock the whole time - except when he decided to try another spot - turned completely around and ended up back in exactly the same place and promptly went back to sleep again.

These birds were having a good old kiss and cuddle up on the post. I took lots of photos but this is my favourite - don't they look great!?

We then moved further out into Port Phillip Bay to a seal colony. We knew when we had found it as the stink was unbelievable!! It was a boys only camp so you can imagine the stench!! Luckily the boat operator parked the boat upwind so we could watch them. When the snorkellers jumped into the water and started splashing around some of the seals dived in to have a swim with them. It was amazing!

I love this photo of the younger seal using another seal for a pillow! Isn't he a cutie!?
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